Hypnotherapy for Adults
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Have you had enough of feeling stressed or anxious?

Do you want to vocalise your thoughts and feelings, but lack the confidence to do so?

Are you having difficulty relaxing?

Do you want to feel happier about yourself?

Perhaps, you’re feeling a bit low and want to pick yourself up, but you are not sure how?

Inner Power Hypnotherapy may help.

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Our lives have been a journey that has led us to where we stand now.  We are, who we are, because of our background, our beliefs, thoughts, values, experiences and many other factors. Our past influences who we are today - either knowingly (consciously) or unknowingly (sub-consciously).

Inner Power Hypnotherapy can help you to make desired changes.

Allow yourself to be guided to a place where you can alter or eliminate the unhelpful thoughts, habits and behaviours that may be stopping you from being the person you wish to be.

You will have the opportunity to talk and express yourself from your point of view.  You will be listened to, in a safe, non-judgemental space.  You will have the chance to relax and take a deserved ‘time-out’ for yourself and then use your renewed or newly-found strength to make the changes that you want.

Contact me to help you use your inner power.              

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