Rapid Stress-Reduction sessions

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Are you having a stressful time at work or home? Do you need to take some time out to relax and recharge? Perhaps, you've decided to have a more balanced day? Maybe, you want to start a programme to improve your general wellbeing? Or experience a little 'escapism'? Then, 30-minute Rapid Stress Reduction could be for you.

Sit back, close your eyes and allow Melissa's voice and words take your mind away somewhere beautiful, whilst your body relaxes.

Themes include: at the beach, alpine mountains, tropical forest and more. For an additional £5.00, you can personalise your experience to include your favourite place/holiday/people etc.

A relaxation session, without the therapy.

Sandy pathway lined with grass and small trees, leading to a blue sea; blue sky with white clouds.
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for a 30-minute session

(Regular price £15.00)

Not recommended if you have epilepsy, low blood-pressure or conditions with psychosis..

Email: innerpowerhypnotherapy@outlook.com for the cost in other currencies.