Beach Hypnotherapy

Clients, who are local to Worthing (West Sussex, UK), can have their hypnotherapy sessions online or face-to-face on the beach.

Sunrise, Sunset, Low tide or High tide?

The choice is yours.

The Benefits of being by the sea

'Coastal and marine environments have been shown to have restoratative and therapeutic benefits to wellbeing and mental health. These environments provide opportunities for stress reduction, for the immersive experience of escapism and losing yourself, relaxing and reflecting.'

(Source: Dept. for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 2019).

Worthing beach at sunset
Worthing beach at sunset

What our beach hypnotherapy clients have been saying...

'As soon as I sat down, I could feel so much of today's stress leaving me.'

'I'm so glad that I booked the beach session - it was just what I needed.'

'This the only time that I've been outside all week. I needed this!'

'That sunset is a great way to finish the session.'